I guess everything happens for a reason, “Shazam” was to be lot #3 in the 2018 Anchor D Ranch Bull Sale, however we were forced to pull him from the sale. After spending an extended time at stud, we brought him home and put him to work on a late breeding group. We have since decided that he will be added into our own bull battery. The options he gives us are endless. He boasts the calving ease and polled factor from the “Barbossa” side. Extra performance and muscling from “French Attack”. Built in color all the way through the entire pedigree, loaded with pigmentation, and being a non-dilutor, he will be used on both Fullbloods and Purebreds. One of “Shazam’s” greatest qualities is his disposition. We halter broke him in an afternoon, Mackenzie showed him at YCS, (where he was Reserve National Bull Champion), and to pull him in to get clipped we just threw a halter on him with his breeding group in the pasture and led him out.