Polled Full Fleckvieh

When I saw “Barbossa” alongside his dam as a calf I had that gut feeling he was something special. We were fortunate enough to purchase him as a 9 month old calf, and watch him develop into the breeding masterpiece he has become today.
“Barbossa” truly is in a league of his own. He has been our go to guy now for so many years in the heifer pen, and when I use the term “bomb proof” I don’t use it lightly, but he truly is as “bomb proof” of calving bull as we have ever owned.
“Barbossa” will be 9 years old next spring and will still be given a large pen to service. We didn’t breed as many heifers to him this past year, as we snuck a few of our favorite cows in his pen as well, hoping to gather a few more daughters for our own herd. His calving ease is second to none, and he offers so many other great qualities, however I feel his greatest asset may be his daughters.
They are females that out produce themselves time and time again, with built in fertility, longevity and many with the bonus of being polled. His dam is also one of the greats of the breed, still going strong at age 18! We have never marketed semen on “Barbossa” so the only way to get these genetics is through offspring or services.